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Give A Plush Addition To Your Dress With Chenille Letter Patches

Chenille patch is an unparalleled combo of embroidery and chenille yarn, giving the outcomes a fuzzy and soft texture. ChenillePatches.co.uk helps clients in giving a plush addition to their dresses through super-quality chenille letter patches. Our professional and skilled manufacturers use their years of experience to breed a great finished product! Not just that, but our QA double-checks every detail and only then is it delivered to your doorstep.

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Professional Team Professional Team
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 Years Of Experience Years Of Experience

Chenille Patches In UK:
Your Patch, Your Rules

What makes the patch "spectacular"? Is it the quality of the fabric? Or a savvy design? Or perhaps the production? Well, there's no one right answer to the question. Because achieving the finest quality custom chenille letter patch is more than the sum of its parts. It demands a complete set of accurate elements to achieve a result that can make everyone's heads turn.

Our custom chenille letters tick all the requirements that can make people ask, "Where did you get it from?" We give complete control to the client to choose their favorite border, backing, design and other particularities. Because, after all – it's their patch, and they are free to implement their rules. Take a look at the core elements that makes up an incredible patch:

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The Quality Of Chenille

Everything is a complete waste if the quality of chenille isn't up to the par. We have invested in finest quality material that's light-weight, thick, soft and durable.

The Border Of A Patch

Choose the right border to give your patch a clean edge. We offer various border options called, Marrow borders, laser-cut borders, and single/double/triple felt edge.

Pick Various Colors

Is you design simple enough that needs up to 2 colors only? Or 3 to 5 colors? No worries! You can add as many chenille yarn colors as you want – until it satisfies you.

Provide Backing Support:

Back up your customized creation with the best suitable backing that includes iron-on, Velcro, hook and loop, clutch pins, loop buttons, sew-on, and many more.

You can take the following liberties with custom chenille letters

Chenille letter patches are a common staple to carry on band uniforms, personal wear, social club attire, sportswear and more! You can get chenille letter embroidery patches for cheerleading your favorite team. Plus, you can use them to award your school's hard-working students. They are also used to exhibit involvement in a certain event or to happen. However, the purpose is no longer limited to the mentioned ones.

The current era of fashion designers has pushed the envelope of their designing. They order chenille letter embroidery patches from us to elevate overall look of their denim, hats, caps, bags, and hoodie collection. If you aim to attain a bold and classy look, no other option can be better than chenille number patches. We also have eye-catching chenille glitter letter patches, which can catch attention at a glance.

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Why ChenillePatches.co.uk rocks among all patch creators in UK?

When it comes to Chenille number patches – no one can out beat us. And we have claims to back up! Firstly, we have everything that you, as a client, would look for in a patch supplier. Be it quality, low minimum, chenille letter patches at wholesale prices, fast delivery and etc. Secondly, our team of creative designers is no lesser than a community of experts.

They guarantee to unlock the complete potential of your design (of course, with your consent). Our team is far-famed for designing "thread masterpieces". This is worth praising, right? Also, favorable comments and testimonials vouch for our expertise. So to quickly rundown, you receive a striking and expertly designed chenille letter patch at excellent rates and service.

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Support Your Chenille Patch
With Durable Backing Types

Sew-On: Sew-on is a little more time-consuming, but a very reliable method to make your patch stick – forever (yes, we mean it).

Sticker: Want something easy peasy? Go for stickers! Just peel the cotton badge, stick it to the surface – and BOOM, it's ready!

Velcro: Another effective backing option we have is Velcro. Sew the loops on the surface, and attach the hooks (patch) to it.

Clutch Pins: Allow a pin to hold the patch with the dress together firmly and securely. It's one of the easiest ways to apply emblems.

Never Frays Out
High-Grade Backing
Quality Yarn Used
No Color Bleeding

Gorgeous Chenille Letter Embroidery Patches For Customers In UK

Our portfolio encompasses marvelous creations of chenille letter patches! While navigating through the portfolio, you'll come across large letter patches, small chenille letter patches, chenille baseball letters, chenille letterman jacket patches, chenille iron-on letters and many more astonishing creations.

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Chenille Letter Patches That Won The Hearts Of Britons

Our custom chenille letters are expertly crafted and proudly worn across the country. We have gained a solid bedrock for defeating all other chenille letter patches wholesale sellers in UK by retaining the highest standards! Don't trust us? Check the reviews dropped by Britons about us.

ExcellentTrustScore 4.9 | 1200 Reviews
April 11Perfect Service!

Everything is worth applauding, from customer service to pricing and quality of chenille patches letters. I must say, this is a perfect service all over the UK.

Archie Evan
April 20Awesomeness Identified

I never knew such an awesome chenille patches maker existed in UK. These guys were so supportive and helpful throughout the whole process.

Brian Bob
April 23Very Responsive

These professionals stay in touch throughout the process and are very responsive to each query. My custom chenille letters were delivered on time.

Edmund Christopher

Great reasons custom chenille letter patch should be on your list

Chenille patches are known for their soft, fuzzy, unique texture. They are a rare solidated combo of chenille yarn with embroidery that leaves a striking impact. Plus, it is an ideal choice for capturing intricate details of the design. Chenille thread is considered too thick for general designs or text. For that reason, it requires a solid base to keep the embroidery sturdy for a longer time.

And, it goes without saying that chenille letter embroidery patches would be boring if no colours existed. Therefore, we offer a wide range of colored chenille threads that can be picked according to the design. We use quality and color-fast threads. These threads are bound to last forever. They never lose their quality or fray over time. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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Steps to get your eye-striking chenille letter patch from UK's experts

Land our order page and fill up the requirements. It's great if you already have your artwork ready; otherwise, we can help you in drafting your vision into a design. The design draft is forwarded to the client. Once you approve the concept, it is forwarded to the manufacturers. Considering your precise requirements, they turn your approved draft into customized chenille letter patches!

After the manufacturing is done, it is delivered to the doorstep of the customer! We deliver nationwide. This means you don't have to worry about finding chenille letter patches near me. We offer services across England, London, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Scotland, Edinburgh, Wales, Cardiff, Britain, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham. The team is available online, 24/7, to deal with any query.

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